We're often asked what the "F2" in F2 Legal Counsel stands for.

The moniker is taken from the single-seat fighter variant of the Eurofighter Typhoon: a highly agile combat aircraft that is widely regarded as one of the world's most formidable dogfighters. 

The F-2's record is exemplary. Even when pitted against the highly touted “King of the Skies” F-22 Raptor at a Red Flag training exercise in 2012, the Typhoon proved to be superior in combat, registering several Raptor "kills". One Typhoon pilot was even quoted as saying: “yesterday, we had a Raptor salad for lunch.”

Nevertheless, the F-2 remains a bit of an underdog in popular culture. It doesn't get the accolades or attention of the F-22 and some if its flashier and more expensive contemporaries. It just gets the job done. And that's something we can respect.

We believe that's what being a boutique law firm is all about. And it's something we strive to emulate.