It's been said that the "Best Defence" is a "Good Offence".

We tend to agree. That's why F2 Legal Counsel offers a complete range of legal services that are specifically designed to help organizations understand, navigate, and respond to the OHS regulatory regime, including:

OHS Advice, Compliance, & APPEAL Services: 

Have OHS officers paid you a visit? Have you been issued a Contact Report, Notice to Produce, Demand, or Order?

Whether it's questions about interpreting legislation, or concerns about administrative penalties, stop work orders, or a visit from OHS officers, we assist corporations in identifying and responding to health and safety compliance issues as they arise from time to time.

Due Diligence Program assessments:

Unfortunately, we've seen far too many well-meaning and good-intentioned organizations invest in programs, develop procedures, and obtain certifications, only to fall short in the complementary steps of implementation and enforcement. As is the case with any good offence, looking good on paper is important. But, when the game is on the line, and you find yourself either flipping through the play-book, or calling an audible because you can't remember what's in it, you've already set yourself up for a loss. You need to know exactly what the plan is. And so does your team.

Our "Pre-Incident" services are designed to assess your playbook (and your knowledge of it), while identifying your strengths, fleshing out your weaknesses, and improving on your overall performance in relation to all three aspects of your organization's health and safety plan. Getting to know you and your business on such a level is also beneficial in the event an incident does, in fact, take place in the future. With first-hand knowledge of your program and personnel, we are able to bypass introductions, and jump right into a pre-determined incident response plan.

Our full range of Pre-Incident services includes:

  • Due Diligence Defence (3D) Assessments - we'll complete a review of your current program, and let you know how we think it would stand up to the scrutiny of an OHS prosecution;

  • Mock / Dry-Run Incident Staging;

  • Mock OHS Investigation Interviews & Exercises;

  • Mock OHS Prosecution & Trial Exercises;

  • Customized In-House OHS Seminars;

  • WCB Claims Management & Cost Control Reviews;

  • Development of an Incident Response Protocol; and

  • Senior Management Advising & Training.

24 Hour Incident Response Services: 

When an incident occurs, we're available to attend either on the phone or at the scene, in order to provide corporations with immediate, around the clock advice in respect of same.

We recognize the primary importance of:

  • preventing the occurrence of a similar incident;

  • making sure that victims and your work force are taken care of; and

  • protecting the company, directors and / or employees from unnecessary liability, ill-will, or prosecution.

Whereas other organizations may only focus on one aspect of these three objectives, or may even find them incompatible or in conflict with one another, we've found that the most meaningful response to an incident actually requires effective coordination of all three, along with the intangibles. We accomplish that with some careful planning, an understanding of the subtleties of the law, people, and circumstances involved, and a coordinated and flexible response.  

Our one-call, turn-key "Incident Response" services include:

  • Attendance at the Scene - where necessary or appropriate;

  • Incident Management & Co-ordination of Response - we'll either run point or work alongside your previously assembled team;

  • Identification of Statutory Obligations & Reporting Requirements;

  • Assessment of the Need for Specialists to Attend the Scene;

  • Assessment of the Need for Independent Counsel for Owners, Contractors, Employees, or other Parties Involved;

  • Incident Investigation & Collection of Information;

  • Establishment & Protection of Legal Privilege;

  • Interactions with Workplace Health & Safety Officers;

  • Responding to Workplace Health & Safety Requests, Contact Reports & Orders;

  • Assistance in the Preparation & Review of Statutorily Required Incident Reports;

  • Grief Counselling & Support Services;

  • Media, Family, and Stakeholder Relations;

  • Recommendations on Preventing a Recurrence

  • Due Diligence Defence (3D) / Legal Risk Assessment - we'll let you know what, if any, possible charges your organization is facing and if they are defensible; and

  • Recommendations on Proceeding & Best Courses of Action.