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Featured WORKSHop: Beyond Root cause.

The moments following an accident are often stressful, confusing and tense. They are also the most critical in eliminating or greatly limiting your legal liability. It is your job to know what to do, and just as importantly, what not to do, during this critical time period.

Beyond Root Cause is a 3 hour interactive workshop experience, developed to assist you with: (a) identifying, anticipating, and preparing for the various challenges, expected and unexpected, that will require your attention following a workplace incident, and (b) taking your investigation focus beyond a determination of the root cause, to the evidence you will need to present a successful due diligence defence in the event of a prosecution.

(Key areas include: statutory reporting requirements, regulatory investigations, public and media relations, victim and family services, workforce continuation strategies, prosecution, sentencing, and regulatory defences).


You, along with the other attendees, will form the management team of Wiwa Creek Enterprises, and will be responsible for making decisions following an incident at one of its worksites. As you focus in on the situation you’re facing, you will quickly realize that seemingly everything and everyone else, is focusing in on you, your actions, and your entire organization. It’s up to you to know what to do, and just as importantly, what not to do, during this critical time period.

Borrowing from the platform first made popular in “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, the Beyond Root Cause workshop is set up such that the management team is regularly presented with the need to make a decision on two or three options, each of which leads to more options, and then to one of many possible endings (i.e. prosecution, or not). It is an approach that allows for a realistic sense of unpredictability, difference of opinions, and constantly evolving story-line, all of which are indicative of a real-life incident response situation.


Simply stated, it's different. And we’re different. We aren't going to talk at you, pretend we know everything there is to know about your business, or convince you that a stock incident response protocol, PowerPoint presentation, or “investigation checklist” will answer all of your questions. We understand the bigger picture. And that’s why we want to talk to you, get to know you, and work with you, in putting together an interactive training experience that will actually provide you with recognizable value.

By utilizing information and learning tools from a variety of disciplines, personalities, presentation styles, and formats, the Beyond Root Cause workshop is designed to provide a unique, intense, and high impact learning experience that you won't get from other service providers. With the facilitator's background as a former OHS Crown Prosecutor, you’ll be privy to a unique perspective and insight, that will enable you to truly understand the impact of, and importance of properly responding to, the full range of consequences flowing from a workplace incident.


Unlike seminars or workshops of a more general focus, the Beyond Root Cause workshop is specifically designed to minimize your organizational exposure, by giving you the tools you need to critically assess your organization and its incident response strategies and protocols before an incident requires you to do so.

With a focus on providing real information and practical tips and advice to the questions, challenges, trends, and concerns employers face following a workplace incident, the Beyond Root Cause workshop goes beyond the basic "how to", to examine and incorporate the critical and (often overlooked) practical and day-to-day elements that are associated with the execution and maintenance of loss prevention, risk management, due diligence, investigations, and incident response principles more generally.