OH&S law isn’t just something we do. It’s the only thing.

We are the first and only law firm in Alberta that is exclusively dedicated to the practice of Occupational Health and Safety law.

Practicing in the area for over 12 years, Christopher has seen some interesting things (to say the least)! It's given him a unique perspective that extends far beyond the courtroom, and enables him to truly understand the impact of, and ability to respond to, the full range of consequences flowing from a workplace incident.

We've seen it from both sides.

As a former OHS Crown Prosecutor with the Regulatory Prosecutions Unit, Christopher is one of only a handful of Occupational Health & Safety lawyers practicing in Western Canada to have experience in both prosecuting and defending OHS charges.

We're not afraid to get our hands dirty.

Or to leave the office. Christopher regularly attends at actual incident sites, and is actively engaged in the response, investigation, and preventative efforts that follow, right from ground zero.

We've taught the course.

Well, not literally! Christopher was, however, one of the legal instructors for the Alberta Peace Officer Investigator Program (APOIP), the model and materials for which are now used, in part, in the training that Workplace Health & Safety investigators undertake to obtain their Peace Officer designations. Christopher is also a sessional instructor and subject matter expert for the University of Alberta's Faculty of Extension Health & Safety Law course.

We’re experienced.

We’ve helped scores of employers across a variety of industries, from construction and the oilsands, to the retail, hospitality, and not for profit sectors. While our caseload is always growing, you can view a sample of our experience by clicking here.

We get results.

We just "get it".

Let’s be honest. If you’re doing your research, a quick search on Google will tell you far more about us than we ever could here. But will it really tell you anything about the firm we are, or how we’re going to handle your matter? Whether we’ll return your calls? Or that we’re Saskatchewan RoughRiders fans?

Choosing a lawyer is a lot like choosing a spouse – you want to make sure that you get past the glossy surface, to see whether it’s a relationship that will, in fact, work for you.

At F2 Legal Counsel, we want to earn your trust. We do that by Christopher personally handling your matter from start to finish (no handing off to associates or students), returning your calls and emails promptly, and providing you with an honest assessment of your case as early on as possible, even if that means less fees for us.

We’ve been told that our strengths include our focus on personal service, knowledge of the law, common sense approach to problem solving, and ability to provide peace of mind in what are oftentimes incredibly stressful circumstances. It's sentiments like these that we strive to earn from each and every client we work with.