Are you a project manager? Are you going to the 2016 PMINAC Conference on June 7 and 8?

We'll be there too! Come say hi, and check out our session on "Navigating the Waves of a Workplace Incident". 


You’ve just had a workplace incident at one of your sites. It’s sent a wave of emotion throughout you, your organization, and the community. Government, clients, families, your workers, and the media are all pressuring you for information and answers. And while you know you need to respond, you’re probably asking yourself a lot of the same questions. As prepared as you thought you were for this type of tragedy, it still came about quickly, and of course, unexpectedly. While you’re struggling to understand the situation you’re facing, and focusing your attention on steps to prevent it from happening again, seemingly everything and everyone else is focused on you. You’re putting on a brave face, but deep down inside, you’re finding it tough just to keep the operation going, and your head above the water.

At the end of the presentation, attendees should be able:

  • To identify, and understand the statutory reporting requirements that are activated immediately following a workplace incident

  • To identify, recognize, anticipate, and prepare for the various challenges, expected and unexpected, that will require their attention following a workplace incident

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