Tickets & Administrative Penalties Service (Standard)

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Tickets & Administrative Penalties Service (Standard)


TAPS (Standard) Subscription Includes:


For a lot of employers, the hassle and time lost challenging a ticket or administrative penalty oftentimes isn't worth it. Or, in those cases where it is, the costs associated with retaining a lawyer to do so are simply too prohibitive. As a result, when facing a ticket or administrative penalty many employers are faced with the decision of representing themselves, or simply paying the specified fine, making the changes necessary to prevent another similar fine from being levied, and carrying on with their business. Even though an employer might not agree with the ticket or administrative penalty, or might have an arguable defence, the end cost simply doesn't justify the means.

We want to change that. With our OHS experience, we know the elements that must be proven to establish an offence has taken place, and we know when they are missing. For an annual fee starting at $275.00 plus GST, we'll review and (if you've got a case) appeal any and all tickets and administrative penalties that your organization receives during the course of that year.

Plus, when you sign up for one of our Standard or Premium subscriptions, you'll secure a spot in our Friday Morning Muster, and in the case of our Premium subscription, receive unlimited general advice* in the event OHS pays you a visit. *(For further information about what constitutes "unlimited general advice", please review the details of our TAPS (Premium) subscription).


There isn't one! No, really - your subscription will NOT automatically renew at the end of the year! There are a few things that we'll need from you, however, in order to provide the service. 

First, we'll need you to sign up for TAPS before you receive a ticket or administrative penalty. If you sign up after we're still happy to assist you, but it'll be at our standard rates.

Next, we'll need to know a few details about you / your organization. We ask for that information in the form you fill out when you first sign up for TAPS. Generally speaking, that information allows us to identify that you are, in fact, the business you say you are.

And finally, we'll need to know a few things about the circumstances preceding the ticket or administrative penalty you're facing. We need that information to ensure that we understand the nature of what was happening at the time that the ticket or administrative penalty was issued, and that we appreciate any factual nuances. We rely on you to provide full and accurate information for that purpose.


That's great! Everything going according to plan, you WON'T have an accident and you WON'T receive a ticket or administrative penalty! It goes without saying, but that's actually a good thing!

Many of our existing clients think of TAPS as a type of "ohs-surance". You pay a reasonable, non-refundable fee up-front, and in return you get an experienced OHS lawyer in your back pocket. Even without the additional benefits of our Standard and Premium subscriptions, the peace of mind alone is well worth the sticker price.