F2 Legal Counsel Presentation Overview:

It’s tough to see personnel problems or competency issues when we think a system is working – which is exactly what we may think, right up until an incident proves otherwise. It’s not all that dissimilar from your favorite sports team, utilizing the same roster and playbook game in and game out. So long as the team is winning, the coach might not perceive any issues. It’s only after a particularly deflating loss or series of losses, and after watching the game footage, that the coach actually recognizes which plays and systems work, and which personnel ought to be running other routes, or playing on other lines, in order to keep the team from getting scored on.

Far too often organizations approach their OHS obligations as a front-heavy action item, investing time and resources into developing a catch-all playbook of rules that purports to take into account every forseeable risk. Once that’s in place, it almost seems as though a false sense of security emerges – perhaps brought on by the official nature of the many forms, check-boxes, and documents that comprise the typical organization’s OHS program and competency assessment profiles. It is only when faced with an injured worker, unwanted media attention, regulatory prosecution, or significant monetary penalty that an organization fully turns its mind to and appreciates its shortcomings, regardless of what form they take. Why is that so often the case?

Mistakes are often our best teachers. If we can learn from the mistakes of others, however, that’s even better. This session was developed around that very concept, with the goal of not only clarifying your legal obligations in the area, but of identifying many of the typical legal failings with OHS programs more generally. You’ll leave this session with knowledge that will help you evaluate not only the effectiveness of your playbook, but also of the team that you’ve assembled. It might not keep you from getting scored on, but it will improve your defensive game. 

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